Top 10 Manliest Chainsaw Art

Top 10 Manliest Chainsaw Works of Art

Art appreciation isn’t usually considered a Manly Man’s attribute, but its right up there with sub zero lawn care, survival barbequing, and bare handed animal skinning. However Manly Men are into more than just oil painting and clay pots. Manly men work with wood and chainsaws! That’s why we’re bringing to you the Top 10 BEST Chainsaw Works of Art. These are some of the most elaborate tree stumps and logs ever to be manhandled by a chainsaw. Enjoy!

#10. The Hook ‘Em Hand

Rock and roll will never die, and here’s the proof! This guy just upped his house value in metal points. Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Dude. Manly Art By: Doug Moreland


#9. Harley Eagleson

It’s part eagle, part motorcycle, and all MAN. You might not be able to take this baby down to Sturgis, but you can still set it on your front lawn and pose like a bad ass. Manly Art By: Jarrett Dahl


#8. Stumpy The Bear

Chainsaw Art Bear Head Stump
What would this list be without the traditional chainsaw art bear? This however isn’t your run of the mill arts and crafts fair bear. This bear’s head has full realistic detail and is sticking out of a giant, gnarled stump. That’s one hell of a bear. Manly Art By: Landon Buck


#7. Old Man Log Face

Chainsaw Art Old Man
How would you like to be out in the woods practicing your big foot calls and stumble upon this beauty? This amazing piece looks just like Falcore from The Never Ending Story and Gandalf had a tree baby. What a great work of art. Manly Art By: Tommy Craggs


#6. Log-a-saurus Rex

T-Rex Chainsaw Art
This is one of those pieces that when you first see it, you just go, “Holy sh**!” All that’s missing from this Tyrannosaurus Rex is a chainsaw art Jurassic Park SUV and a chainsaw art Jeff Goldbloom. Manly Art By: Scott Dow


#5. Octo-whaaa? Octopus

How is this even possible?!?! This giant octopus is amazing. The only thing that could make it better is if it were holding 8 chainsaws of its own, and carving out 8 more octopi. Manly Art By: Chris Foltz


#4. Praying Mantis AKA Nightmare Fuel

Chainsaw Art Praying Mantis
This praying mantis is a gruesome masterpiece. Are those antennae coming out of its claws? Look at the mane of insect chest hair on it’s body. That’s one MANLY insect! Manly Art By: Chris Foltz


#3. The Kraken

Chainsaw Art The Kraken
Release the KRAKEN! Plop this on your front lawn and step back as you become the Manliest guy on your block. This unearthly sea monster erupting from the earth is the kind of lawn decoration that makes men into legends in any neighborhood. Manly Art By: Matthew Crabb


#2. The Dragon Throne

Chainsaw Art Dragon Head Throne
Not only is this a mind-blowing work of art, but also this is the Manliest throne we’ve ever seen. Who needs the Iron Throne when you can be the Dragon MASTER? Manly Art By: Matthew Crabb


#1. The Bones Remember

Chainsaw Art Bones
Here we have it. The BEST work of Chainsaw Art! This Mayan inspired piece is truly a work of art. Take a second to get it all in. You could spend hours ogling at this Manly Masterpiece. AMAZING! Manly Art By: J Chester Armstrong


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