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The Salty Sea Dog's Holiday Gift Guide

The Salty Sea Dog’s Holiday Gift Guide

Ahoy, Ahoy! Welcome friends to my List of Holiday Booty! Or “Holiday Gift Guide” for all you land legged folk. The treasures I’ve found are only appropriate for the manliest of sea faring men. If the salty-sea-air is your favorite cologne and you wrestle sea lions for fun, then you’ve come to the right place. These handy items will help you on your mainly sea adventures, and may just save your life!

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The Adventurer's Holiday Gift Guide

The Adventurer’s Holiday Gift Guide

Is adventure in your bones? Is it in your blood? Is it in the very essence of your being? Then like me, you crave the most worldly of treasures, and handiest of tools. That’s why regular gifts just won’t do. Who needs socks?!?! I know I don’t. Not when you’re knee deep in the Amazon River wrestling a giant Anaconda! That’s why I’ve compiled this list: The Adventurer’s Holiday Treasures. Whether you’re swinging from a vine in Borneo, or being chased by marauders on a run away mining cart in Panama, these items will bring you luck or help you…

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Top 10 Manly Beer Bottle Openers

Top 10 Manliest Bottle Openers

It’s time for our list of the MANLIEST bottle openers in existence. The only thing manlier than opening a brew with one of these bottle openers would be to just pop open a cold one with your teeth! So unless you want some huge dentist bills in your future, take a look. This list has a bottle opener for every Manly Man!

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Lumberjack Holiday Gift Guide For Manly Men

The Lumberjack’s Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are almost here and if you’re a Lumberjack like me, then you’re tired of getting axes, flannel, and chainsaws at every holiday gift exchange. Enough already! I may be a Lumberjack, but that’s not all. I am a man. A man who likes things… many different things! And while I do love chopping down a big old Douglas Fir clad in the thickest of flannels, there is more to me than lumberjacking. That’s why I’ve compiled this Holiday gift guide. For all the misunderstood Lumberjacks out there who want just a little more. Enjoy!

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