Top 10 Manly Beer Bottle Openers

Top 10 Manliest Bottle Openers

It’s time for our list of the MANLIEST bottle openers in existence. The only thing manlier than opening a brew with one of these bottle openers would be to just pop open a cold one with your teeth! So unless you want some huge dentist bills in your future, take a look. This list has a bottle opener for every Manly Man!

#10. The Wallet Ninja

We know this list is about bottle openers, but what’s more manly than being able to open a bottle, tighten some hex bolts, drive some screws, open some cans, and also open some letters and boxes at the same time? Nothing that’s what! This is one MANLY multitool. The only downside to this tool is that it has a two-inch ruler. Who in the wild world of sports goes around measuring things that are only two inches long? Ninjas maybe, but not Manly Men. Get it here.

#9. Metal Army Man Bottle Opener

Metal Army Man Beer Bottle Opener

We all remember these little army men from when we were kids, right? Well now their back and opening our beers! Let this little guy belly crawl over to you and crack open a cold one. Never again will you suffer the PTSD of not having a open beverage when you want it. Get it here.

#8. Cast Iron Grizzly Bear

Let this Grizzly Bear Bottle Opener be your spirit animal as you chug down a few bottles. Summon the power of the bear and use his mighty jaw to open your beverages! Get it here.

#7. Eat ‘N Tool

Eat N Tool Beer Bottle Opener

Nothing is more Manly than being multifunctional. And that’s just what the Eat N Tool is. It’s a spork, a bottle opener, and it’s got three hex wrenches. Plus it’s got a carabineer so you don’t drop it after you’re full, drunk, and all your hex bolts are loosened. Get it here.

#6. Manly Ring Bottle Opener

One ring to rule them all!! Become the Lord of your next backyard BBQ with this amazing bottle-opening ring. Have all non-bottle opener ring bearing peasants kneel down and kiss your knuckles as you rise to become the next Bottle King! Get it here.

#5. The Dragon

This one’s pretty much the same as the Grizzly Bear, but it’s a DRAGON! Anyone worth their salt knows that dragons always beat bears in a fight. So don’t be a wuss! Man up and get a dragon to open your beer for you. Get it here.

#4. The Long Neck Wallet

Long Neck Wallet Beer Bottle Opener

Everything important to a man should be in his wallet. So why wouldn’t that include a bottle opener? Not only will this wallet open all your bottles, but it’s got room for money, credit cards, and even pictures of all the bottles you’ve opened. Get it here.

#3. Beer Bottle Hammer

Driving nails and chugging ales. This hammer may not be big enough for house framing, but it’ll do the job on any household repair and open a brewsky when the job is done. Hang a picture, chug a beer. Fix your chair, chug a beer. Tighten a floorboard, chug a beer. The beer jobs are endless with this ingenious tool. Get it here.

#2. Cuff Link Bottle Openers

Want to be a Manly Man without being rough around the edges? Well these cuff link bottle openers are for you. No one will know that you’re a wood chopping, beer-swilling brute when you show up in a suit and tie sporting these manly accessories. Get it here.

#1. The Ace of Spades

This is easily the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. Do you want to be Manly, smooth, and look like a real bad ass while you pop the top on a Budweiser? Then show up with one of these babies in your wallet. You’ll be the coolest dude in the room when you pull out a stainless steel playing card that can open beverages. WOW! Get it here.

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